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Kati Kamjor Rahechha: Deep Shrestha


Nepali music starts with Naryan Gopal and ends at Deep Stha for me.One of my favorite song. Really heart touching lyrics, composition..Vocal no dobut best of the best.. Born in Dharan in 1950 , Deep Shrestha composed his first song, Ma Patharko Deuta Haina, when he was 14.Comes from a musical family as his father was an ustaad and played the violin and the flute. He became familiar with other musicians at an early age through his father.He studied Bio-Science after he passed his SLC, and he thought that he would continue with it later on. But missed his exams (thrice!) because he was performing, before he realising that he was headed nowhere but to become a musician.Uploaded by Bhupendra tamu.
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